Auld Acquaintance

Another day, another boring then earth shattering morning in Godzone.

Auld Acquaintance.

I’ll remember this added day, and this leap year,
A rare February twenty-ninth , a morning clear,
From the deepest slumber I awaken, shaken,
Babbling words from a faith long forsaken.

My sweet wife’s sentiments were of a similar vein,
Though far less Ecclesiastical than foully profane,
So thanks, Mother Nature for your ungodly gift;
Another unwelcome, unwanted Tectonic shift.

I suggested some warm milk and she said ‘Perhaps
If diluted in a mug with a slug of schnapps?’
Then back to bed, back to counting sheep-
No flocking chance of a return to sleep.


All The Fun OF The Fair.

A note on Mister Illingworth’s no-ball call at the recent test New Zealand V Australia.

All The Fun Of The Fair.

There’s nothing that matches
A jolly day day down at the cricket,
There’s acrobatics and flying catches,
All for the price of a Basin Reserve ticket.

Voges batting was inspired,
Entertaining, well worth the money,
As for how Dick Illingworth umpired-
Call it laughable, but don’t call it funny.