Gilt Trip.

A take on Jamie Gilt, a pro-gun horse-loving safety minded mother who wound up shot in the front seat by her own child. Not in a restraint, kid found a loose gun in the back. ‘Guns don’t kill people, guns kill people.’ So goes the NRA slogan [sic] .

Gilt Trip

Pretty cute kid,
But why ever did
Not someone or the other
Shake some sense into your mother?

Surely its wrong
To be riding along
With your precious cargo unsecured?
Toddlers are loose cannons, I’ve heard.

Still, she never
Could be called clever,
A gung-ho pro-gun Facebook debater
Who’ll shoot first, ask questions later.

Ain’t guns fun?
For this mothers son,
Bored, on a long drive
Excitement is a loaded forty-five.

Hard to ignore
Sliding round the floor;
He’s one quick tiny tot,
Grabbed that gun- like a shot.

Leaving guns in a child’s reach
Is a clear criminal breach,
What did Mommy say?
Shooting’s child’s play.

Well prepared for assault and attack
She got her own back,
A good Doctor found
One clean round.

As she’s writhing on that gurney
Does she regret her journey?
Shot to Kingdom Come;
Pretty dumb mum.



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