Monthly Archives: April 2016

Going To The Big Smoke.

Going To the Big Smoke/Road Trip.

Head up the highway, hook a left at the Turangi turnoff,
Drift down the main drag through the Police burn off.

Could anything be as sweet
As rolling down the High Street?

A stony faced Area Commissioner has raised some concerns on
The breath-taking welcome the Turangi constabulary turns on.

My friends sniff at my home town-
But only if the windows down.


Police burn off illegal
drugs, sends marijuana
cloud over suburb.
Taupo Area Commmisioner
Warwick Moreheu apologise.
‘We have already taken
measures to change
procedures. It was certainly
not our intention to cause
harm or alarm to our people
in Turangi.’


An Exercise To Address.

Mike Saunders, the owner of
the Plough Hotel, has stuck
by his ban on Lycra-visible
‘private parts.’ Displaying
a ‘No Lycra shorts allowed
please.’It was a matter of
setting appropriate standards
of dress, ‘You shouldn’t have
to avert your eye’s when
you’re out having breakfast,’
Saunders said.

An Exercise To Address.

Out in the countryside
They straggle along the road,
Bikers off on another weekend ride,
A gaggle of guys with their own dress code.

Near Cust the cussing starts as their enthusiasm flags,
It’s time to rest those shaven lactate laden Lycra clad legs,
There are no energy bars left in the sweating riders bum bags,
So, brunch, time to tuck away a little sausage and scrambled eggs.

Into Rangiora town
Wends the panting peloton,
Weary legs pounding up and down,
Then the leading rider puts the brakes on.

Outside a favored eatery he sorely slides off the saddle
But the menu leaves him with an empty feeling in his middle,
Now the Plough have provided yet another bar he must straddle-
Bikers garb must not affront the genteel customers of this griddle.


Positives And Negatives.

More Dramas at Saint Kentigern’s school. A production of ‘Sweeney Todd’ goes bloody wrong.

Positives And Negatives.

We went to Saint Kents opening night
Looking forward to Tod’s black delight,
But to the Director I direct this appeal
Cut the throat cutting scene- its all too real.


Rockets Red Glare.

American politics, God help us?

Rockets Red Glare.

If good old Bernie
Should win the tourney,
Beat all the odds
And calls upon Republicans Gods,
I’ll be left with no choice but
To sink on my sorry butt.

If ex-First lady Hill
Tops the Bill
Will Bills’ return raise concerns
Amongst naive young interns?
Enough to turn positions down
And head out of town?

If Ted Cruz
Doesn’t lose,
I’ll sigh, curse, and groan
Call Webjet on the phone,
Next stop- ‘Canada, Hello,’
Or ‘Hola, Mexico!.’

But if the Don
Is elected to Washington-
Get me on the first flight
Away from a world where Trumps right,
Somewhere safe, somewhere very far-
Maybe Mars, or the farthest star?