An Exercise To Address.

Mike Saunders, the owner of
the Plough Hotel, has stuck
by his ban on Lycra-visible
‘private parts.’ Displaying
a ‘No Lycra shorts allowed
please.’It was a matter of
setting appropriate standards
of dress, ‘You shouldn’t have
to avert your eye’s when
you’re out having breakfast,’
Saunders said.

An Exercise To Address.

Out in the countryside
They straggle along the road,
Bikers off on another weekend ride,
A gaggle of guys with their own dress code.

Near Cust the cussing starts as their enthusiasm flags,
It’s time to rest those shaven lactate laden Lycra clad legs,
There are no energy bars left in the sweating riders bum bags,
So, brunch, time to tuck away a little sausage and scrambled eggs.

Into Rangiora town
Wends the panting peloton,
Weary legs pounding up and down,
Then the leading rider puts the brakes on.

Outside a favored eatery he sorely slides off the saddle
But the menu leaves him with an empty feeling in his middle,
Now the Plough have provided yet another bar he must straddle-
Bikers garb must not affront the genteel customers of this griddle.

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