Another frazzled mom driving down the highway,
She has packed a lot (and a tiny tot) into her busy day,
There’s no time to stop and smell the roses once its begun-
Let us hope that today won’t be her final one.

But from underneath the front seat
A forty calibre pistol slid out at the feet
Of her itchy fingered inquisitive two-year old-
Its a scenario that makes the blood run cold.

What chance he’d find the trigger- and pull it?
What were the long odds he’d let loose a bullet?
But matricide is going to haunt this innocent son,
Guess we can be grateful he didn’t call ‘shotgun.’

Such a mournful tale that church bell tolled-
Toddlers and guns should be strictly controlled,
What lesson can we take from a mother too soon gone?
Don’t go off half-cocked without the safety on?

A mother in Milwaukee gets shot by her pre-school son,
He found a gun under the front seat, the child is in
the back, gets hold of the loaded gun. Another lesson
in the power of the Second Amendment?

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