Half A Dozen Reasons.

Half A Dozen Reasons.

What are six proud well paid Warriors to do
When forty-two unanswered points are put on you?
Lay all the blame on the perfect Storm
Or ponder on the reason you didn’t perform?

Discuss your disappointment with the coach?
Apologising sincerely to him would be a novel approach;
Should the big stars shoulder a little blame,
Perhaps even knuckle down and up their game?

The sixes dismiss that chat with a sniff, a snort, a cackle,
The truth is the coach is but another thing they won’t tackle,
And as they fly into Auckland and touch down
The super sixes talk turns to a high old time on the town.

The idea is to not let a bad day leave you depressed,
Energy drinks doctored with a prescription work best,
Role models be damned, down that cocktail goes;
And we’ll see six dopes full of pills, bull and Monster egos.

Drugfree Sport NZ boss Graeme Steel
says Warriors players involved in
mixing prescription drugs with energy
drinks on a night out were ‘reckless.’
It is understood five of the six
players involved have admitted taking
the drugs on a night out after a big
loss to the Melbourne Storm. The six
players were dropped to reserve grade
football and also ruled out for playing
for their countries.


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