Devils Advocate.

Devils Advocate.

If Boehner thinks Ted Cruz
Is Lucifer in the flesh,
Will he now modify those views
And look at his options afresh?

Cruz is the Mad Tea Party’s Right candidate
Cracked, but not quite non compos mentis,
But John, imagine if the whole worlds fate
Rests in the hands of the Sorcerers Apprentice?

Ted Cruz is ‘Lucifer in the flash,’
Says former Speaker John Boehner.

Former House Speaker has called
Presidential candidate Ted Cruz
Lucifer in the flesh in remarks
that exposes the depth of
discontent within the Republican
party. Speaking at Stanford
University Boehner called Trump
his ‘texting buddy’ but offered a
more graphic response when asked
about the Texas senator.
‘Lucifer in the flesh,’ the former
Speaker said. ‘I have Democrat
friends and Republican friends. I
get along with almost everyone but
I have never worked with a more
miserable son of a bitch in my life.
He said.’

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