Beggars Opera.

Beggars Opera.

It’s a troubling time down at the Town Hall
Since Gerry’s CERA has gone and left us- with sod all,
Now finding funding for the new library looks a forlorn goal
Unless our Council finds a charitable trust with a big bankroll.

Where can Lianne find the ten-million-dollar shortfall?
Who is that new face there, propping up Ballantynes wall?
It’s another hard luck story from another poor hard up soul-
So please place any loose change into Her Worships begging bowl

Documents obtained by The Press
show the city council was taken
aback when now-defunct Canterbury
Earthquake Recovery Authority
(CERA)said it had been instructed
to ‘discontinue efforts’to raise
money for key projects. Both Counci
and the Crown hired consultants to
generate philanthropic donations
and sponsorship.The Council chief
executive had previously written to
CERA to underwrite 10 million for key
projects. CERA said no.

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