Walk The Talk.

Walk The Talk.

To the astonishment of one and all
Speaker Carter stood up tall and made the call
To send from his chamber his Commander-in-Chief
Who left with a sheepish grin… or was it one of relief?

No more questions would be answered by John,
He gathered up his papers, his dignity, and was gone,
Stepped down and and made his swift retreat the back way;
Thanks to the Speaker there’s little John will have to say.

He walks quietly down the corridors of power,
Its lonely ,but John savours the occasional free hour,
Not having to smile in the face of facts according to Fairfax,
Not heeding the hubbub from those ever-diminishing Newsshub hacks.

It’s the perfect time for John to take a
Rest from the fallout surrounding Fonseca,
A time-out gives him time to calm down and unwind-
But trust Greenpeace to upset Jolly Johns peace of mind.

John Key has been kicked out of the
House by the Speaker for the first
time since being elected. PM Key
was made to leave the Debating
Chamber after he continued to talk
over top of Speaker David Carter
after he rose to his feet. Key
had been in heated debate with
Opposition politicians over his
claim Greenpeace was listed in the
Panama Papers data bank.

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