Seek A Sucker.

Sales pitch for vacuum cleaning salesmen… pushy, pushy.

It started with a a thirty second phone call
and ended after a three hour hard sell for a
$4500 vacuum cleaner.
Dunedin mother of three Leonie Padgett said
the sales pitch was ‘the worst experience.’
But SICA (South Island Clean Air) stood by
its product and sales technique.
The salesman left after more than three hours
having not made a sale.

Seek A Sucker.

If a vacuum cleaner salesman should cold call
Tell him that he’s not welcome, no, not at all,
Don’t let that blowhard through the door,
Don’t let that dirt bag soil your floor.

If he leans on your door, make a stand
For if he gets in you’re in for four grand,
That’s a bit rich for this poor householder,
So give him nothing but the cold hard shoulder.


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