Up In Arms.

Getting into the minds of the gun lobby in the USA. A scary place.

Up In Arms.

As the Vice- President of the NRA
Republicans kowtow to every word I say,
And to Obamas frustration and dismay
A few straight shootin’ Democrats see it my way.

The Second Amendment we unthinkingly obey,
Say ‘gun control’ here and hear our roundelay,
No no no no no no way no no no no way Jose,
No, you won’t take the fun out of our gunplay.

Should Trump fire up and win the day
He’ll look south in his insightful inciteful way
To where Mexico awaits, a border away,
His aim’s building walls not bridges, compadre.

A few casualties amongst those unabashedly gay
Is a price Right-thinking strait-laced Christians will pay,
God knows, for their souls we fervently pray-
But good God, don’t try to take our guns away.


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