An inspirational heartfelt word or two from guess who?

Mrs. Trumps speech to her husbands rabid supporters had a familiar ring to it.

Free Speech?

Melania made a quite stunning speech on Fox News,
A model performance of prompts and auto-cues,
But Mrs. Trump, watch the words you choose,
Or scriptly speaking, the words you re-use.


God Give Me Strength.

…A perfectly fine day and a duo of shiny suited cyclists or some conservatively dressed throwbacks from the 1950’s come a’knocking on our door…They want us to see the light, I just want them to get out off my site.

Leave Me, In Peace.

If you’re pedaling a pushbike or peddling ‘Awake!’
Please, just take a hike, for your Gods and my sake,
Let’s not waste half the day away in senseless debate,
I believe we’ve nothing to say, so pray, stay BEHIND the gate.


The Water Works.

Ashburton Councils deal to sell millions of litres of water for overseas sale falls through. ‘A commercial decision’, says the Mayor, after vigorous public protests.

The Water Works.

Ashburton’s going through a dry spell…
Faith in the aquifers and the Council fell.

Its a sad day for Mayor Angus McKay,
Sad enough to bring a tear to his eye.

Those liquid assets he hoped to sell
Will lay undisturbed in a deep dark well.

He’s feelin’ blue and Pure Blues the reason why
His boring plans have wound up high and dry.


Sour Note.

David Cameron’s strange exit strategy…
A smile, a so-long AND a song.

Leaving On A Sour Note.

David stands outside Number Tens dark door,
Strange how it doesn’t feel like home any more,
But since the vote didn’t go his way he won’t stay,
He won’t be overstaying his welcome, come what May.

His farewell speech all said and done
He savours one last moment in the sun,
Yet in his breast he finds he feels not grief
But a burgeoning sense of welcome relief.

He didn’t know he was already ready to depart,
He walks away, a spring in his step, a song in his heart,
Unburdened at last, it’s a jaunty tune that he’s humming;
But really David, ‘Anarchy In The UK’ is most unbecoming.


Nigel Farage, exit stage right…

Far Go.

The time has come to go, says Nigel Farage,
Time to leave someone else in charge,
Someone who, like him, thinks Right,
Who see’s a future blindingly whitely bright.

He’s stepping aside having done all he wants to do,
Going to leave behind the likes of me and EU,
As he leaps off his soapbox with gay abandon
He’s bound to find a few new toes to stand on.