Monthly Archives: August 2016

A Little Look-see.

Michael Cheika, Aussie rugby coach accuses NZ player of eye-gouging.
Reviewed and thrown out. Things not going Mikes way?

A Little Look-see.

Michael Cheika should give thanks
He’s not within reach of Owen Franks,
Perhaps Michaels vision is defective
But Owen, try to see it from his perspective…

After viewing the latest horror show-
Two Test trouncing’s and no Bledisloe-
All Mike can do is numbly sit and cry
And try to erase the images in his minds eye.

Swimming Hole.

Ryan Lochte, 32 year old swim star at Rio Olympics ‘over-exaggerated’ events at a gas station, mistaking immature behaviour by himself and three other swimming team mates as a robbery. He has his point of view. His sponsors, Ralph Laurn, Syneron Candela and Speedo dropped him like a slippery fish. Perhaps they don’t share his whimsical idea of saying he was less than truthful?

Deep In The Creek.

For years Ryan Lochte has been on a winning streak,
In Rio he’s entitled to feel he’s swimming at his peak,
But suddenly the Golden boys rich future’s looking bleak
Since his fishy tale of robbery in Rio has begun to reek.

Truth to tell his excuses sound wet and weak,
His halting apology IS a sad apology- so to speak,
Its no over-exaggeration calling it bare assed cheek
And its no lie, seeing Lochte lost his Speedos this week.

Stroke Of Luck.

Mahe Drysdale wins gold in rowing…just.

Stroke Of Luck.

In rowing terms, he’s mighty old
But Mahes still going to go for gold,
And as he cruised to the lead at the start
The only silver he cherished sat above his heart.

Out in first place at the start
The race looked a paddle in the water park,
True, one Croation still grimly clung to his wake;
Who knew that pesky paddler would be so hard to shake?

Mahes lead grew ever shorter
As that Croat flew o’er the water,
Mahe was mortified to see it diminish,
Would he be caught, short of the finish?

Oh so close to the wind he had sailed
But a photo proved that he had prevailed,
But his medal could’ve been quickly tarnished
Had his crafts bow not been so thickly varnished.

A Cry For Help.

Donald Trump loves babies, but not when they disrupt his speeches.
Some politicians kiss babies, Don boots them out…
Another cunning way for Don to woo the women voters?

Big Blathering Babies.

As Donald delivers another of his stirring speeches
A baby stirs, pricks up his ears and loudly screeches,
What heights of ear bending incoherence he reaches;
A certain self-centred someone’s too full of his breeches.