Looking to ignore the past.

Donald Trump and birth Rights.

A Sorry Spectacle.

Will Donald lose face
Accepting Barracks Hawaiian birthplace?
But Dons known all along
Being Right means you’re not quite wrong.

The document now accepted,
Is an apology expected?
Donald, better late than never?
Barrack will be waiting… for forever.

The time Donald’s invested
Having that certificate tested;
Whatever way he looks at it
That Ba… Barracks name/claim’s legitimate.

Is there a hint,
An avaricious malicious glint
That suggests a view not Politically correct;
His vision has a dark aspect.

In the looking glass
He looks a horses-ass,
But USA by birth or not
It was worth a shot.

Does he see, possibly
The face of duplicity?
He searches deep in his soul…
Nothing to see in a black hole.

Plastic smile in place
His public to face,
But look deep into those innocent eyes
And there the sorry truth lies.

Which face to Don?
Which to put on?
It’s difficult, on reflection-
He faces such a vast selection.


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