Big Sam, Big Mouth, Big Mistake.

Sam Allardyce loses the England football managers job. Well spoken Sam.

Said, And Done.

Alas, poor Sam Allardyce,
He’s paid a heavy price,
He wagged his waspish tongue,
Now Big Sam has been stung.

It’s with some concern
We learn he spoke out of turn,
Words ill-chosen and badly put;
How did they pass past his foot?

He’s most dismissive of the previous staff
(As articulated in the Telegraph,)
But had Iceland been disposed to lose
Sam wouldn’t be in Roy’s shoes.

Despite the sterling job he’s done-
His record says played one, won one-
Sadly Sam is headed out the door,
What a silly own goal to score.

Entrapped is how Sam is feeling,
Why accuse poor Sam of double dealing?
Why, Sam with transfer fees sky high
There are 400,000 reasons why.

Despite expansive apologies all round
Sam’s size fourteens won’t touch the ground,
Do Not Pass Go, collect no transfer fee,
Sammy’s off, cut loose and fancy free.


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