Sporting Decision.

A young talented Wellington rugby player is convicted of assaulting four people, two women, with the ‘help’ of his older brother. The esteemed judge opts for ‘ a discharge without conviction’ from the charges because it could impact on his future career. Meanwhile one of his victims cannot work eight months on from the assault. And HE now can’t play rugby either . Ah, well justice has been served. Sort of.

Sporting Decision.

That fine rugger player must rue the day
He drove into the maul,
For what’s commonplace on the field of play
Is common assault in the Mall.

A young lion thrills to the chase
Rushing, headstrong, at a furious pace.

Once you’re caught, its time to pay,
Up in Court, scrub up, suit up, lets play ball;
‘One rare mistake,’ his lawyers say;
So what is the touchy-feely judges call?

‘Discharged WITHOUT conviction, Your Grace?’
The Defence is delighted, especially in this case.

What says our blessed Union, pray?
Well fu…fundamentally nothing at all,
The one query of those men of clay
Is under which rock to crawl.

They may have a new back to replace
But look for a spine and see no trace.

Kid, take a sabbatical, or a working holiday?
Or take the rap and take the fall?
Take a look in the mirror and you may
Want to push that fool through the wall.

It’s time to buck up or he will face
Spending time in a confined space.


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