Works in progress (Behind the scenes.)

Good After Bad.

To keep criminals off the street
Johns Government has put away
Over a billion bucks to build complete
New prisons for those who’ve gone astray.

The Lefty hand-wringers concede defeat,
The outlook, they say, is grim and grey,
But for the hard-liners it’s a sweet,
If overdue, glorious victorious day.

Visionary Constructors pore over every worksheet,,
Itching to start a punishing schedule without delay,
Only feeling secure when its all set in concrete.
Whoever says the crime doesn’t pay?

One billion plus dollars for new prisons. The Government will help the growing amount of homeless people by giving some a comfy home (about 8 x 6.) Temporarily.
The rooming house business is booming, at least in Keys eye. Two birds in one stone in this policy.
Plus he won’t lose any beneficiary’s vote, since inmates can’t vote. Could be another win-win for Serco and the Government, eh Prime Minister?


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