In A Tale Spin.

Fox News best buddies Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich united in the Republican cause- sort of.

In A Tale Spin.

Once again we tune in to Fox- and friends,
Tall tales and true, where the fun never ends,
There I saw Megyn and Newt trading wits,
It had me LOLing in the lounge chair, in fits.

Newt seemed to think that The Donald’s bus boasting
Didn’t deserve his TV stations medium-rare roasting,
Megyn had a fascination with sex, claimed Gingrich,
From a man of high repute- or Newt- that’s rich.

Perhaps in the locker room the ol’ boys bandy
Words around, and Don found Newt mighty handy
To be around, an experienced guy to provide
A little tip, a quick quip, a wee bit of an aside.

Oh, Newton Leroy, watch where you tread,
Keep a civil tongue in that large head,
Whoa there, you fine speaker you, have a care,;
Newt pontificating on sex is an odd affair.

Newts little ethics lapses drew a bit of flack,
But wasn’t that put to bed a few years back?
He’s an older and wiser remarried man now
And he’s agreed to abide by a fidelity vow.

‘Tis true Old Bill was both hound and sly silver fox,
But box clever Newt, don’t open that Pandora’s box…
Newt’s left more ears bleeding than than a Tyson bout,
Oh, isn’t it tragic when old friends fall out?


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