A true devotion.

The first voter fraud arrest came in Iowa; Terri Lynn Rote said she voted for Donald Trump twice because ‘The polls are rigged.’

Double The Trouble.

‘In the defence of Terri Lynn Rote;
She regrets that she has but one vote,
She knows that usually one would suffice
But Trump says its rigged, so she voted twice.’

How can that balance be restored
When His enemies stoop to voter fraud?
She heard his rallying call- loud and clear,
Terri don’t want any Hills Billy’s around here.

Don will accept a victory- only if he wins,
He’s doubling down on Hillary’s many sins,
Two little wrongs might just make it Right?
Terri SHOULD exorcise that Democratic blight!

‘In summation Judge, show a little grace,
I’m sure we’ve proven she’s a special case,
Voting twice for Trump isn’t a normal thing to do.’
Unless, of course, you find you have half a mind too.

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