What’s in the wind on Election day?

Polling day and one scenario… Time will tell… Oh, dear time has tolled.


Smug and victorious he strides to the podium
To a welcome of half acclamation, half odium.

Hillary looks on with a hollow empty feeling,
Her hopes punctured, but not her glass ceiling.

Down Megyns downcast cheek a tear softly patters
There’s a shriek and her crystal chandelier shatters.

Up in the aisles old white men are clapping and singing,
Down south eyes are swimming and hands are wringing.

It’s a victory thats rendered even Ryan dumb,
The Godless Liberals stand shocked and numb,
…Even the Evangelists wonder if the Great Days come?

Soon even old East /West wounds are healing
Since Don and Vlad find one another so appealing…
…Till they fall out over wheeling and double-dealing.

Now its not compliments but mud they’re slinging,
The insults and invective turn from mild to stinging.
…Dons so busy twittering he don’t hear the red phone ringing.

Michelles wailing about leaving the White House in tatters
But Barack’s gravely concerned about more pressing matters
…Like heading home- not Chicago, Hawaii- before the ash scatters.

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