Big Deal Or Hot Air?

Donald ‘saves’ a bundle of jobs at Carrier in Indiana. Carrier was going to go to Mexico, But Donald has the solution. Well, he knows what works… for him.

Big Deal.

Donald is saving 1100 jobs at Carrier,
jobs going to Mexicans presented a barrier,
So Carriers bosses are staying after all-
Don’s got them by the- up against the wall.

At the plant its happy days,
Donald basks in deserved praise.

Donald’s public gesture is bold and dramatic,
Behind the scenes he’s prosaically pragmatic,
He can’t let Carrier go, he asks ‘what will it take?
The CEO replies’ We’ll stay, just give us a break?’

That’s a touchy point to raise;
Tax-wise he works in mysterious ways.

What loud accolades his doing a dodgy deal earns,
Especially from a man silent about his own tax returns,
To those lucky 1100, when next years’ taxes come due
Be grateful to Donald because he’s depending on YOU.

Don’t do as Don does, do as he says,
Lip service to taxes is all he pays.


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