For Lucy…Or Lucyfor?

The quiet life…Oh, isn’t that what we all want? Well, friends and neighbors,
not so much any more.

For Lucy/Lucifer.

A fine young family moved in next door,
A change from the old couple here before,
Why, we were barely aware Rowan was there
And Joanna maintained a a cool silent distant air.

But now there’s changes afoot in our quiet neighborhood,
Now, having a bit of young blood is all well and good,
But even with a six-foot fence and a thick hedge
Lucy’s caterwauling from yonder sets my teeth on edge.

Before school and on weekends our sweet dreams
Are lacerated by loquacious Lucy’s shrill screams,
Since school’s ended we look forward to her shrieks
Morning noon and night for six soul destroying weeks.

Out in the gazebo, taking in the morning sun
I hear the stirring of Annette’s precious one,
Oh, how her dulcet tones thrill and delight us,
We so hope she gets to go on holiday- or laryngitis.

Lunchtimes, and we’re wont to have a quiet barbecue
And friends come over, or at least they used to,
Now those days and our friends have gone,
Who can quietly chat with that racket going on?

Out in the garden, listening to evening birdsong,
Or trying to, but once again Lucy proves me wrong,
So back inside I stomp, ears burning and eyes blazing,
Thoughts turning to cold winters and double glazing.

This morning I saw, through the window, Lucy singing,
Oh, what joy this simple silent sight is bringing,
If I strain I hear…Oh this is music to my ears-
I hear what Beethoven heard… in his later years.


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