Digging up the dregs.

Time off at Christmas, enjoying a little TV, watching some shows I missed first time around, some enjoyable, some dreck. On that note…To those lucky enough to have not seen it ‘Rosemary And Thyme’ is a gentle two ‘lady’ gardeners/sleuths’ TV show. They discover all manner of ghastly goings-on in the garden. All very discreet, no blood and bones in this program.

Turning Over.

I’ve just seen ‘Rosemary And Thyme’ for the first time,
Alas, Felicity is past her first bloom and well past her prime,
Ever since her ‘The Good Life’ days I’ve been a Kendell admirer,
But this pile of manure she’s mired in could not be any direr.

It’s quite the most tedious travesty I’ve seen on my TV set,
But try a little judicious pruning and what might you get?
Imagine that show, tautly trimmed, the plot robust and strong?
But there’s no market for a program slashed to one minute long.

Yes, its all too twee for me, an hour is far to long to devote
To a lot of rot that’s got sod all plot, so I reached for the remote,
Did ITV see fit to turn up another season of ‘Rosemary And Thyme?’
I see no reasonable grounds to ever return to the scene of this crime.

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