That Fine Line.

Rugby player Ali Williams caught buying cocaine in France. Ali is a bit of a lad, but at thirty- five a touch of maturity might be in order. His mate, Aussie James O’Conner is another shining light of reason in the rugby world, so put these two bright sparks together and you get…

That Fine Line.

Out on the town go the bros,
Ali and O’Conner, once bitter foes,
But in Paris that old Anzac spirit shows,
The boys had something in common, I suppose?

Buy, try a little something, after the meal?
Only plain clothes gendarmes think it’s a big deal.

So off to court Ali goes,
The case against Ali evidently grows,
The ruddy face of his Lawyer floridly glows
With a rash of colourful excuses and purple prose.

But one look at His Honour would reveal
That his and O’Conners words hold no appeal.

Sentencing time, and down Ali’s cheek a tear flows,
His hand reached to his breast pocket– then froze,
Even someone as supremely silly as Ali knows
Now is not the time to blow your nose.


Donald Trump and Mike Flynn, a partnership that didn’t even begin.

What’s Not To Like, Mike?

Mike and Don are pals, buds, best friends in fact,
Don is secure in Mike’s ability to think, then act.

In less than a month Mike made his impact,
Using fantastic skills of diplomacy and tact.

His chat on Russia to Pence WAS somewhat inexact;
Although, truth to tell, truth was all it lacked.

Indeed a playback showed we had been hacked,
Now how would his good- GREAT- friend react?

Up against the wall he knew Don well; He’d be sacked;
I anticipate a certain circle- of friends- is going to contract.


Watching a source of indigestion for US All…

Running With The Hounds.

To be reasoned balanced and fair
Fox left the mainstream media to stand apart,
They know to tell the right story takes a rare
kind of craft and commitment to the art,
So Fox broadcast out to the dull empty inert air
with a message straight to Americas heart,
God bless the good folks at Fox, and their
fine friends at Breitbart.

Before the election the Fox team
revelled in using shadowy patriotic sources,
Suddenly, with Trump in, it would seem
they’re dark despicable Democratic forces-
Disloyal anti-America, anti-Great American Dream,
The kind Clinton quite criminally endorses-
Now that the leaks around Trump have turned into a stream
Fox have said ‘whoa’ and clumsily changed horses.

Mention of E-mails has a host of Fox jaws rabidly dripping,
from that righteous mouthpiece condemnation issues,
But revelations of Donalds highly gripping
story they seemed slothfully slow to use,
Lately my faith in Fox’s fantastical stories is slipping,
Their alternative facts only serve to confuse,
So my world-weary finger is finally flipping
Off Fox’s flipping news.


Musings from the byways and the highways.

Rolling Down That Road.

A cinematically inclined seven set off on an intrepid exploration,
Off to the wild south, to the ironically named Mount Potts station-
That far-off-the-beaten-track and most remote spot
Where Edoras, of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ fame was shot.

We set bravely forth on the long drive to Edoras’s inspiration,
Rolling along in luxurious four-wheel drive transportation,
From on high we could all see an awful lot-
Like in the hatchback below, with its cargo of… what?!?!?

Those lush plants, laid low, became the centre of conversation,
Now, in the past my my interest lay in consumption, not cultivation,
But I could plainly see one thing that dopey driver forgot;
Don’t place precious plants ‘neath a glassy hatch if it’s hot.

At a roundabout he exited, and under acceleration
From exhaust AND cracked window came a smoky exhalation,
NOW it didn’t take no Sherlock to reveal the plot-
AND no need to wonder if it was pot or not.


Donald on Judges, borders, Nordstrom and only three weeks in?

Going Up To The Supreme Court.

I gazed up at the biggest brightest Heavenly star,
Praying ‘God, if You’re up there, (and I trust You are,)
You’ve had your Cosmic joke, Your little laugh,
But I must beseech Thee, on Humanity’s behalf,
Letting Don be a candidate for President was bizarre
But him becoming one is taking the joke far too far.’