The magical microwave of Kellyanne Conway.

Microwaves are spying on us, according to Mister Trumps trusty adviser. Is no bag of popcorn safe from the prying eyes of the microwave?

Going Down Swinging.

Kellyannes becoming more than paranoid
About the listening devices Barack deployed,
Even in the safety and privacy of one’s own home
‘They’ can tap your phone and then its free to roam.

The blinking stereo was first to go-
It has a ‘record’ function, you know-
Kellyanne has her own way of stopping
Any as-yet unsubstantiated eaves-dropping.

She slings out the phones, land line and all,
Not once thinking Donald made a bad call,
Working like crazy, pushing it to the brink,
Stopping but for a snack and Energy drink.

By wildly yanking the cord from the wall she was able to disable
The Surround Sound Massive big screen TV complete with cable,
But neither MacGyver or any Electronics Expert could save
Her innocent baseball bat bludgeoned beeping microwave.

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