Good manners maketh the man. If one thing Donald does not lack its an opportunity to show his best face, for posterity. Or is that the other way around?

Photo Bomb.

I’m telling those EURO losers at NATO
They’d better cough up what they owe,
As I colorfully chastise them I smugly know
My mug is illuminated by the spotlights glow.

As a bright light- that’s Right- is how my peers perceive me;
Even the Pope beamed beatifically, waiting to receive me.

My Alpha dog nature did begin to show
As we leaders lined up for the group photo,
I won’t be blocked by some crock from Montenegro;
I told my peers ‘I’m in front,’ they showed me where to go,

To hear ‘Donald Trump’s up front’ pleases me, believe me.
Whoa there, did my old oh-so-sensitive ears deceive me?

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