A right couple of clever clogs, these two. It’s all downhill for Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill. And Theresa May.

A Shoe-in?

Who gave Theresa May such bad advice?
Nick and Fiona will pay the heavy price.

Though it;s true Theresa did not QUITE lose
There’s few who want to be in their shoes.

Two close advisors plotted her course;
Two total asses on their high horse.

They advised Theresa the way to win
Wasn’t to enter debate but woodenly grin.

So the Conservatives have them to thank
For a leader with the charisma of a plank.

Their clever strategy told voters they should
Vote for a woman rendered as dumb as wood.

Somehow a pyrrhic victory has been won
And the portioning of blame has begun.

Her gruesome twosomes long term plan
Has turned out short-sightedly myopian.

Their bone-headed blundering beyond dispute
They’re walking before they get Theresa’s boot.

Seven weeks ago Theresa May had it all;
Now, along with Don, its backs to the wall.

She puts up a a brave front because she’s painfully aware
Of all the toe tapping Tories waiting to kick HER derriere.


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