Time for Mr Tillerson to get mobile.

Behind The Eight Ball.

Donald’s master plan for making America great
Involves an annual replacing of the Secretary of State,
Rex, time is up, Don’s patience has run short.

Don has no time or reason for reasoned debate;
Donald has decreed Rex has passed his use-by date;
I guess Don didn’t forget Rex’s moronic remark.

The reasons he can’t just fire Rex continue to vex and frustrate,
In the good old days he’d have told Rex to go and… procreate,
Who knew speaking Presidentially could prove so fu- fraught?

If there’s one thing about his beloved democracy Don does hate
Its the right of free speech them Democrats freely demonstrate,
It peeves Don having only Steve Bannon’s Rightful support.

Plus, of late, all these Republican rules have begun to grate,
‘Why can’t every SOB in the GOP do exactly as I dictate?’
Wait, now THERE’S a thought.

( Yes, I know; Simple rhymes for a simple guy.)

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