Charity Begins At The House

Dealing With Taxing Times The Trump Way.

Donald is slashing the corporate tax rate,
He’s going to revive the USA’s economy,
Its his move to make money- oops, ‘Merica great,
A worthwhile investment, most moguls would agree.

What revenue- oh, and jobs- his tax take will generate,
And trust Don to act with familial- oops, fiscal responsibility,
But don’t criticise him should a decent portion land on his plate,
One thing you can trust Don on is to take it all so personally.

What sort of legacy will Don humbly leave when he hits his use-by date?
Another great big head on Mt. Rushmore would be a site to see;
We could look up to a guy millions- even billionaires will long venerate,
Remembered for best serving his country- and great Company.

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