Further thoughts on majestic Dunfermline.

Done With, Thrice.

I came to comely Dunfermline to learn
The whys and where’s of my wife’s ancestral seat,
To see this ancient place veiled in mist and mystique,
To better understand where my better half’s kin sprang from.

All it took was a winter off-peak day return
To solve the story, to make the tale of their migration complete,
My good wife’s frank appraisal, leavened with a touch of cheek;
‘Dunfermline’s picture perfect, seen from the carriage, sat on your bum.’

4 thoughts on “Further thoughts on majestic Dunfermline.

      1. mike2all

        He is one of the best poets of recent times. He writes a lot in sonnets, but they are his sonnets that make sense, make a protest, make beauty, and occasionally make you cry. Or laugh.


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