The Prez decides it’s time for a heapin’ helping of that old time hospitality.

The Epithet In The Room.

On his old show Donald proved an amiable host
But as Prez he puts ‘Merica first and foremost,
Then he was a generous accomodating soul,
Now he’s looking an unfathomable $#)+hole.

What do you think he wants a wall for?
To keep out folk from Haiti and El Salvador;
No green card WILL get you a swift ‘hasta la vista;
So don’t dream of darkening Dons doorstep, Mister.

Don isn’t warming to leaders of a certain seething Continent
Who have coldly heard his quaintly colorful comment,
They may rightly swear he’s wrong till they turn blue
But they’ll never change Dons dim dated dark view.

Now he doesn’t wish to offer time nor space
To ones who don’t mirror his Master- ful face,
He’ll go out of his way to put barriers in your way
Unless you want to wander over from, say, Norway?

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