Oh, to work and work and get your just reward from the grateful employer. Don’t they just make it all worth while? (This is not so much a rant as rueful acceptance.)

Price Less.

Another profitable year over and a new one set to start,
I can modestly say to the Company I’ve done my modest part,
So I swanned off to my annual pay review, a song in my heart.
(I might do all the donkey work, but this dumb ass ain’t too smart.)

Surely this time I’d receive my due from this profitable enterprise?
And then I beheld the sorrowful look in the good Josephs sad eyes,
My disappointment at the Company’s paltry offering I couldn’t disguise,
Yet after my previous review it shouldn’t have come as a big surprise.

That pay review was ten minutes uncomfortably spent,
Now my jaunty song has turned into a painful lament,
I’ve given my all and they give me two lousy percent?
What I feel is, well, screwed, and without consent.


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