The focus was on the El Paso rally, where words are spoken, walls are promised and the media are mauled. All’s Right in the MAGA world.

Meet Beat The Press.

A cameraman was roughed up at the Trump rally today,
An overly-enthusiastic MAGA cap wearer got carried away,
The crowd bayed their approval, after push came to shove
And Donald beamed innocently down from the dais above.

The dense crowd now had to choose
How to deal with witnessing fake news;
The Right-minded find the solution lies
With closing the mind and the eyes.

When Fox and Dons words are the only one’s worth heeding
And the National Enquirer(!) is the only paper worth reading
The truth is simply as Pecker, Bannon and Don perceive it,
And if that sounds dumb and crass, you better believe it.

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