Boris Johnson, from mayor to nightmare in the blink of an eye.

Going Blondly Where None Have Gone Before.

Since Boris Johnson has taken command
Of England’s grim and unpleasantly divided land
Do you wonder where Parliamentary democracy went?
That question gets short shrift from Boris The Omnipotent.

Want some time for Parliamentary debate?
Boris smilingly says ‘sorry, but time’s up, too late,’
Now that Boris’s big butt’s behind the steering wheel
It’s foot down to throttle any rumblings about his no deal.

BoJo is hellbent on doing what Teresa couldn’t achieve,
Boris’s going to fu- fly off, and without a buy-your-leave,
Driving blindly forward to where there’s no coming back,
Bozo’s exiting,hard, Right, into a cold unfriendly cul-de-sac.



2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson, from mayor to nightmare in the blink of an eye.

  1. mistermuse

    If England and America swapped leaders, I suspect most of each country’s citizens might go to bed thinking they got the best of the deal, only to wake up in the morning with an even bigger headache.
    Personally, this American would take his chances.


  2. obbverse Post author

    Both blonde bombastic bulls**ters of the high- no, lowest order. I’d have to say, Boris would at least take a politicians view rather than Donald’s slavering Pavlovian response to anything that doesn’t go his way. But Sophies choice, I don’t ever want to make.



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