The genius doctor is now only takes White House calls. Thank God.

Second Opinion, Please.

First Doctor Don recommended Chloroquine
To save your ass from Covid nineteen,
Now he’s found another cure for our plight,
It came to him in a flash of ultra-violet light…

All you need is disinfectant in a syringe-
It’s a cure to make Doctors Fauci and Birx cringe,
Who but Snake Oil Don would one have expected
To conjure a cure from Lysol intravenously injected?

Now Doctor Don’s prognosis I do rather doubt,
A dose of covid and Lysol and and you’re wiped out,
No, I will reject the advice of Doctor Tangerine,
It’s more kill or cure than quick and clean

4 thoughts on “The genius doctor is now only takes White House calls. Thank God.

  1. Thanks, a beautiful bitter symphony Mistermuse- lets continue Dons bum note in D major disaster?
    Please Professor Don, do lead by example
    Since you know more than Fauci and Birks,
    Doc, Inject thyself with a free Lysol sample,
    I bet they just can’t wait to see if it works.

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  2. I think my thoughts on the Tangerine are well known, but right now I’m much more incensed by Birx, who is actually trying to justify Tangie’s comments as mere “thinking out loud”. At least Fauci has openly contradicted him. Then again, Fauci is absent from the press conferences more and more often, because if you don’t kiss ass your voice is muted…

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  3. Yes, Birx had to make the choice of a job now, followed by a reputation tarnished forevermore.. Her ‘explanation’ of her boss came over as half-hearted at best, but to be fair to her its totally unbelievable anyway. The usual story though, sooner or later she’ll be thrown on the bonfire of vanities. As some genius says, ‘SAD.’ Love the ass muted line. Pompeo must be so far insinuating himself he must be deaf as well…

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