Roaming free sure ain’t what it used to be, not in these topsy-turvy times.

A Failure To Communicate.

All my giddy plans for more overseas travel
Have begun to chafe and fray and unravel,
It’s a quiet cruisy life here in the South Pacific,
But sometimes ‘quiet’ borders on the soporific.

When you’re stuck down in the Shaky Isles
A month in lonely lockdown has its trials,
Here we’re so far from the madding crowd,
Here, straying from our bubble is not allowed.

Netflix only goes so far in breaking the tedium,
And I’ve wearied of the always Right medium
So I tuned out news of the ever-present Covid
Turned off that big screen and gone off the grid.

But then my trusty Hewlett-Packard packed up
And how quickly my un-spammed mail backed up,
Now this is a lonely planet to be stuck in on my own
And I’m slowly losing friends thanks to a fading i-phone.

So I thought it timely to clean out the e-mails-
Those casual offers to meet consenting females-
One-off deals guaranteed to double your income-
Offers to collect a share of a Nigerian’s Princely sum.

So I trawled my way manfully through the spam,
I deleted every charitable plea and cheap scam,
Finally the excremental electronic dumping was done;
Then came my first message… would it be a welcome one?

Qantas called, said my frequent flier miles, set to expire
Would be honorably exchanged, should I so desire,
For a once in a lifetime trip on a luxury cruise ship-
I deleted that with one indignant finger flip.

2 thoughts on “Roaming free sure ain’t what it used to be, not in these topsy-turvy times.

  1. Thanks for the undue praise; Sometimes the right phrase just drops into place, unbidden. To be fair my first inclination of going with ‘e-mails/nails’ lacked that certain subtle je ne sais quoi! As usual this started out as a prompt from another bloggers site but took off on its own weird, if not wonderful tangent. (You know what I mean… It happens. Continuously. Well, it’s the journey.)

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