Sadly it’s time to roll the end credits for Little Richard and Roy ‘Vegas’ Horn.

Two For The Show- A Two Part Obit.

A Bit About Roy.

At seventy-five the show’s over Siegfried’s Roy
He’s been escorted upstairs by Gods winged envoy,
His rough reviews could have ended many years ago
But his bloody big beastly tiger went and let him go.

A Little Bit About Little Richard.

So, the legendary Little Richard’s also done his dash,
That Tutti-Frutti guy with the pencil-thin moustache;
The mascaraed showman with that touch of panache
Has been booked by Saint Peter for one last big bash.

Pete, toss those harps and flowers off Mr Richard’s cloud,
Pete, get that Baby Grand from under it’s funereal shroud,
Little Richard’s gonna kick ass in this conservative crowd,
Lawdy, he’s playing that ‘ol Devil Music, proud and LOUD.



2 thoughts on “Sadly it’s time to roll the end credits for Little Richard and Roy ‘Vegas’ Horn.

  1. One of the great showmen. The stories vary on the location (a Sydney ferry, a Newcastle ferry, a train crossing the Hunter River, off Princes Bridge in Melbourne) but during his tour of Australia in 1957 he saw visions, re-found God and threw his gold rings away. The West Island can affect you that way.

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  2. And I thought Godzone was over the ditch? He was a showman all right. So much stacked against him in the 50s, black, over-the-top gay when Rock Hudson, etc were waaaay back in the closet. Talent wins out over the odds.That’s as it should be.


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