As the eyes of the watching world turn on a nation that is painfully- but finally- seeing a great history in the making, the President only looks to turn back the clock.

Faking History.

By mid 2020 Don’s cozy world felt more like Lost In Space,
All manner of irritations Donny finds he’s forced to face,
Covid deaths are on the up yet Wall Street keeps falling,
Employment’s soaring but work on his great wall is stalling.

Since George Floyd’s filmed death he/we can’t ignore
Police protestations of pure angelic innocence anymore,
Now innocent protesters can’t be bashed and battered?
Suddenly Don’s expected to believe black lives mattered?

Now racial profilings wrong, so’s a ‘random’ pat down search?
A Prez cain’t just gas it down his streets to some saints church?
All these twisted changes are apt to confuse a traditional man,
Soon they’ll be banning the Stars’n’Bars and the Ku Klux Klan!

Don yearns for the bad old days when places were segregated,
When cops pounded the beat and the streets were dominated,
Now strange changes seem to be happening at a gay old pace;
Sexist money honey grabbers now look obseletely out of place.

The idea of uniformly crushing discontent has GreaT appeal
But now even Generals want to bring the dogs of war to heel,
Even the Mighty Military now recommend a conciliatory tone,
Though they all know the one voice Don can hear is his drone.

Don had once heard that every argument should be two-sided
But since he always knows what’s best for all he’s long decided
To gather round him that guns’n’glory armed mob he Rightly favours-
His one change is ‘this speech ain’t free till ya’ll sign them covid waivers.’

It’s time to rally the dupes, to blow the dog-whistles, drop the wink,
To ramp up the racist rhetoric, ain’t no time to change minds, or think!
To call a rich Damn Yankee the Mouth of the South sounds a misnomer
But his sick message is bound to resound in unchanging Tulsa, Oklahoma.


6 thoughts on “As the eyes of the watching world turn on a nation that is painfully- but finally- seeing a great history in the making, the President only looks to turn back the clock.

  1. Brian Lageose

    The whole thing is apt, but your last stanza is especially astute. The Tulsa stunt is not going to play well, and somebody is going to suffer. Sadly, the “somebody” will include family members who are infected when the rally-goers go home…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. obbverse Post author

      Yes, no doubt it’s stomach squirmingly too close to home for you with old family ties. Seriously, everything about the planning of this event reeks- the 101 year anniversary of Black Wall Street,
      the original ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ to its original date, the ‘gathering of the K- errrr, fine Okie folk.’ I recall that old Haggard song ‘Okie From Muskogie,’ guaranteed to always set my teeth on edge. But I only had to hear it, it must have been Hell having to try to to live it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dave

    And Tulsa had some 400 new covid cases yesterday, it’s worst single day so far. Almost like some higher entity was trying to send a message there… if only it could be deciphered. If only, think think think…

    Liked by 1 person


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