No standing O in Oklahoma for Don’s empty performance. Sad!

Tulsa Turnaround.

The Trump Tribe were a’beating a path to his Tulsa rally,
The Okie dopey’s all a’lined up to be wowed by the high chief,
But today Donald’s high expectations for his crowd don’t tally,
Don’s claims for his latest GreatesT sell-out strain only belief.

Though rural Oklahoma’s no place Slick City Don wishes to dally
Still Donald’s speech rambles on, he wouldn’t think to make it brief,
His is the biggest shit-storm that’s ever blown down Tornado Alley-
Any protester he sees is a window-breaking rapacious pillaging thief.

Donald tries hard to work the thin crowd up to a cheering finale,
For those not his enamoured fans the limp end came as a grim relief,
It’s a climax as faked as Ms. Ryan evinced in ‘When Harry Met Sally,’
Perhaps here in the Big O is where Don’s re-election comes to grief?



6 thoughts on “No standing O in Oklahoma for Don’s empty performance. Sad!

  1. mistermuse

    Every day, The Donald surpasses himself
    In making an absolute ass of himself.
    All the while, he thinks more of himself
    As he makes more of a bore of himself.
    Some say that’s just Trump being himself….
    Too bad he’s incapable of seeing himself.

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    1. obbverse Post author

      Beautifully wrought, MM. I’l take a shot at continuing from your last line…
      Don’s speech was full of- turns and twists ,
      He’s logically, the GreatesT of the contortionists,
      But not supple enough to see he’s a great big ass
      Without the aid of a great big-as looking glass.

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  2. Brian Lageose

    Of course, I was completely thrilled to see all of those empty blue seats. (I was also relieved that none of my relatives were interviewed by reporters, making a Trump-loving ass of themselves.) I suppose I could compose a whimsical ode to the Empty Blue, but no, I just want to keep rewinding the tape and giggling…

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  3. obbverse Post author

    Yes its good to be giggling, especially knowing another Trump party planning sycophant is about to be thrown under the Trump bus. Who’d want to be within earshot of El Presidente as Air Farce One and Don both take off after that Don debacle? Talk about ears burning! Lets see if Arizona follows the same pattern.
    Meanwhile, lets contentedly chortle away.

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