Every writers nightmare; The answer, though, might be alighting right outside your window.


I’m really truly suffering through writers block,
I’ve reams of pure white virgin A4 stock,
Stacks of empty worded pages mock,
My inspiration soars, like a rock.

No matter how hard I try,
How I look up to the sky,
Lord on high knows why-
But my words won’t fly.

Thoughts scramble through my mind, tumble to the floor,
Once my brain and right hand had this great rapport,
This day all my high-falutin words serve but to bore-
And that bird wittering outside is the last straw! 

Guess I’ll lay down my quill and cease this fu- futile quest,
Broodily watch the machinations of a robin red breast,
Toss this page outside, inspirations gone West-
Hey, bird brain, take this shit to line your nest.

(inspired by a poem ‘Pretty Little Sparrow/Lauren M. Hancock
And the song ‘Look Over Your Shoulder’ by Alan Price.)


6 thoughts on “Every writers nightmare; The answer, though, might be alighting right outside your window.

  1. You probably don’t want to hear this, but my issue is usually the opposite. I have so much that I want to write about, ideas battling for space in my brain, that I have trouble getting my ass to focus on and complete one project. I’m constantly hopscotching hither and yon as whimsy strikes, which means I have thousands of pages of unresolved tales littering my laptop. One day, archaeologists will discover said trove and think “wow, this primate was clearly on the wrong medication…”

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  2. To be fair, I’m usually in the manic side of writing, but sometimes its just a meh day, which becomes a meh few days. After that its time to get a grip before I’m awash with unfinished drivia.

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  3. Nice catch; Thats such an easy going feel-good movie, isn’t it? That soundtrack has a few snarly little gems in it and that song was lurking in the depths of my mind as I was writing.


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