Donald J. Trump, or in his mind, the Lone Ranger; The latest mutterings and musings from behind the mask. Hi-Yo psychosis away!

Who Sees A Problem?

Has our unmasked hero decided to stand up?
Donnny says he has masked up and manned up,
He says that mask makes him look like the Lone Ranger-
No more will he be laughing loonily in the face of danger.

But the Lone Ranger wore his mask to cover his eyes
Not as a medical protector but as a personal disguise,
Then, Don feared wearing a mask wouldn’t look Presidential, right?
Pushing a mouth mask up over his peepers, now don’t he look a sight?

Hey, even getting Don to consider any mask ranks as a bonus-
As his long-standing contemptuous sniffing at Corona’s shown us-
So even if he stumblingly emerges from the darkness, dimly blinking
At least it’s one baby-step on his journey out of blind blinkered thinking.


6 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump, or in his mind, the Lone Ranger; The latest mutterings and musings from behind the mask. Hi-Yo psychosis away!

  1. In case you missed it… his cute PR person Kayleigh had a news conference a few days ago to assure people that the “President does read!”. Nice to know. The trivia question for today was what was the last prez who needed to try and convince the nation that he could?

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  2. The Donald is long past saving —
    Can no one rescue us from his raving?
    Or is it already too late
    To deliver the country from its fate
    Before he leaves us in the outhouse lurch
    Behind the Evangelicals for Trump church?
    By all that’s holy, don’t be a turd —
    If we’d be saved, vote Nov. third.

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  3. There is an abundance of galling things about Trump, but this aspect is so damaging. His refusal to take the mask thing seriously, inspiring his base to play copycat, is literally killing people. That alone should stop his reelection, never mind his buttload of other offenses. But this is America, with its outdated and democracy-diluting Electoral College, so who knows…

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    1. Small minded, petty, peevish puerile, so much that’s lacking in a leader. Every day, in every way he manages to lower the standards of his office- iI thought he’d hid rock bottom basement so many times, but no, down yet further to yet lower levels. As the Covid toll rises.

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