Leading the conservative political party in New Zealand can be a short term proposition. (Awww, a sad Tory story.)

Devils And The Deep Blue Sea.

What’s happening to the National Party’s leadership?
Each new leader they select sees the Party’s popularity slip,
Since Commodore Key left leaving First Mate Billy the wheel
Helming the Titanic rather than the Blue Boat holds more appeal.

Old Bill, wise but dull as dishwater- his fortunes sank,
So Simon stepped up from the poop deck to higher rank,
Sadly Simon was simply out of his depth, young and green,
Under Simon the the boat- and votes- slid down like a submarine.

All too soon ’twas a grim story poor Simons opinion polls told,
Up from the mutinous crew stepped Todd, and Simon was rolled,
So a new Cap’n took the helm,  they say the cream rises to the top,
But after a mere 67 days Captain Presumptuous found he was a flop.

Now Todd’s dream boat has sailed,
Another Leader’s bottled it and bailed,
The True Blue Crew ran about, looking around
But good fresh new Blue blood’s thin on the ground.

Now hard embittered Old School Jude-vcious runs the barge,
Tryin’ to clean up her shit ship even as Deputy Gerry looms large,
In her steely claw the National scow’s bound to take a hard Right turn,
Losing middle ground rowing in ever decreasing circles- that’s her concern.



5 thoughts on “Leading the conservative political party in New Zealand can be a short term proposition. (Awww, a sad Tory story.)

  1. Confession time: Upon reading this post, it’s become obvious to me that I am not quite as hip on world politics as I thought I was. This realization marks me as one of those “oblivious privileged Americans” that the rest of the world finds annoying, and rightly so. This makes me a little blue, so now I’m going to go sit in the corner and think about my sins.

    I’ll be okay. Just bring me a fresh beer every once in a while until my self-imposed Reflection Quarantine has run its course…

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    1. Be not concerned, we’re just a couple of Islands in the middle of a big ,pretty much empty sea with a population of, roughly Colorado. It’s just odd that we have a Left of centre government that hasn’t imploded under the weight of dealing with the Coro. The other odd thing is that our National party here would sit-mostly- in the right conservative wing of the Democratic Party! Mostly. They have a few climate denying racist assholes as well, believe me.
      As for your reflections, I find a beer or two helps me ponder so many things. Three or four helps even more. Keep safe, Texas Georgia and Florida seem to be having an upsurge in cases. Republican states too. Gee, I’m glad, just like Don must be, that they didn’t rush to open up too early.

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  2. I think NZ is quite like Canada when it comes to political leanings. I mean, in the US, Obama was seen as a Democrat and cast as a liberal demon by the RW half of the country, whereas in Canada with his policies he’d have been a Conservative. If the Liberals and NDP (socialists basically) ever merged in Canada, they’d probably seldom lose an election at any level again.

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    1. In a nutshell. (And I don’t mean Trumps policies.) ‘Merica has a Righteous fear of such socialist godless ideas like public Health Care and an unhealthy embrace of Profit- oopsy, Private Enterprise.


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