Neil Young sues Trump over use of his music at Don’s fist-pumping rabble-rousing rallys. Good luck on getting Don to hear anything about that, Neil.

A Kick To The Chorus.

Once again Mr Trump’s re-election campaign
Is giving Neil Young cause to legally complain,
Neil’s getting grumpy that his copyrighted songs
Are being illegally played to promote Don’s wrongs.

Shouldn’t one of Don’s army of attorneys kindly explain
To Don that old Young’s tunes ain’t in the public domain?
All the plaintiff Neil wishes is for Don to cease and desist
From ripping his songs off and on to Don’s lousy party list.

The Rolling Stones have led the chorus of complaints, in vain,
‘You can’t always get what you want’ remains Trump’s refrain,
Don, use Ted Nugent’s crap, Teddy loves you, or ask Kanye West-
No, mebbe not, the colourful Kanye mightn’t pass Don’s litmus test.

Will Donald simply turn his back on all noisy complaints again?
Treat true legitimate protests with his usual dismissive disdain?
Well, the Rolling Stones have screamed at Don to stop for years-
It appears there isn’t a great deal resonating between dumb ears.



4 thoughts on “Neil Young sues Trump over use of his music at Don’s fist-pumping rabble-rousing rallys. Good luck on getting Don to hear anything about that, Neil.

  1. There’s a two-fold snafu at work here: One, Don’s army of resource-unlimited lawyers keep counter-suing and and delaying proceedings to the point that it is so hugely expensive that most of the aggrieved cannot afford to continue the fight. (A tactic they use in every situation where Don is accused of anything.) Two, the music copyright laws in America are a bit warped, with gaping loopholes yet to be plugged, thus reducing an artist’s scope of control.

    Oh, and a third fold: Don will never admit that he is wrong. Full stop.

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    1. True, Team Trump Litigation Department follows the leader with wide open eyed lies, obfuscations and base appeals. Since Ol’ Neil has recently sold off some assets like classic cars and guitars there is going to be Trumpian foot-dragging till at least November 3.
      Yes, as to the copyright laws, as far as I could (cursorily) see it is a perfect morass of legal quicksand where bucketloads of legal fees could sink without a trace, never to be found. I may be wrong; Maybe, one day, when they drain the swamp..?
      Oh, as we know he knows he’s wrong. Admit it though? Maybe, but only n an alternate universe, far far away.

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  2. Musicians from REM to Alanis To ol’ Neil sent the Republicans an open letter
    Saying please don’t use our songs,
    We don’t want to publicly have to rip you a new one
    Sure to make Donnie sit and ponder- maybe he should stop
    Probably that fine Nugent lad could do better
    Nah, continuing to piss off those antifa-lovers is more fun!

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    1. Well, of course when one is cordially asked to not play an artists music surely anyone with any sense of morality and integrity would see the error of their way- whoa, what am I saying?!?
      Plus, Jesus, Joseph and Mary, I can’t help but be eternally pissed with Don for tainting my enjoyment of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want.’

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