Going write off. The latest merry message in the old Email has suggested a writing sabbatical is in order. Funnily enough, I agree.

Well Run Dry.

I used to thrill
To raise the quill,
Words gambolled on and on;
I guess that thrill is gone.

Dyspraxic digits clubbed the keyboard,
Typos and good grammar ignored,
Ideas tumbled happily from the mind
As fingers fumbled, sentences behind.

I’d thought I had something to say,
An amusing pun, bandy some wordplay,
Double entendres, two-fingered typed fun,
Now it’s two thumbs down for this tragic one.

Joie de vivre weighs heavy in my head,
Even my black humour is all but dead,
Trying to dredge up some light flight of fancy
Would mean a lift of spirit worthy of necromancy.

To raise the odd smile was my glad intent,
Sad, all my good humour’s gone off and went,
Perhaps it’s for the best to to stay quietly depressed?
So I’ll do as weary old readers have and give it a rest.

(Just a touch of burn-out showing? Obviously. Overtly melodramatic? Yep. Self-pitying? Yessiree Bob. Maudlin? Yes indeedy.  So, time for a little time out? Fuck yes.)


14 thoughts on “Going write off. The latest merry message in the old Email has suggested a writing sabbatical is in order. Funnily enough, I agree.

  1. Well, I withheld my comment for a few days, just to be certain you were seriously taking a break. It appears so. I will now don black garments and ruminate sadly on the shores of a bleak Norwegian lake…

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  2. Life is particularly hard this year. Recharge, and enjoy where else it takes you afterwards. Admittedly that’s probably not going to be far because VIRUS!, but you are at least placed well to contemplate the destruction of the rest of the planet.

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    1. Thanks, you are right. Looks like we both took a turn off on a tangent. I’ll get back to it when ready, the itch, as I said in a note a ways back, is starting up. I think the trick will be to be more about how I want to be, rather than what I’m pressuring me to be. So, one fine day? As for the destruction of the planet? Hopefully a looming election might lessen the risk of an orange fool not unleashing an orange fireball? In his dim view it might be a way of blowing away the virus?

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      1. Ah, I took a tangent but then my essential essence returned after a while, so all I’ve ended up doing is changing my name.
        Had a good rest though, next burnout/meltdown not due for another 18 months now.

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    1. BB King says it well too. But the thrill is stirring slightly. Time out’s doing me some good. I hope and feel so, and it’s been nice just dropping in a few comments here and there on other sites rather than delivering full blown postulations.

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