If Don can drag his bad self back to work, perhaps I should too?

In Need Of Medication.

When told a nasty airborne disease
Was a'wafting in from the China Seas
Actually, PresiDon didn't appear to much care,
Factually, he adopted a laughingly cavalier air.

When Faucci's esteemed team gave a damning report
Donny dismissed it and them with a derisive snort,
And that's when the Department of Infectious Diseases
Knew they'd be better directing their pleas to Jesus.

Though in their professional opinion covid was here to stay
Doctor Don proscribed that the virus would fade... away...
Don miserably failed to see a pandemic in the making
Or his inaction would lead to a Great grave undertaking.

Other than stopping Mueller sniffing 'round his affairs
Don's real interest remains in healthy stocks and shares,
The man is unhealthily invested in private enterprise;
Who cares if the world outside Wall Street lives or dies?

So for months now, all while the deadly virus raged
Trump soaked up the atmosphere in the rallies he staged,
Showering his crowd with promises, left 'em in GreaT cheer,
They couldn't wait to pass his message on to their near and dear.

He loved how they had simply taken him to their heart
While feeling no need or desire to stay a good six feet apart,
As he, safe and smug behind his mask of delusional self-belief
Believed no virus could dare pass on to the Commander-in-Chief.

Roaming freely, flitting and flying all over the place,
Pushing his agenda, getting Right in everyones face,
Disavowing taking a knee (unless you're using the Force)
Turning all rational debate into anti-social intercourse.

Till came a gathering, the infamous Rose Garden party
Where Don failed to smell when someone cut the havarti,
Immediately the question of a toxic President arose,
A quick Q-tip test positively getting right up Don's nose.

Don and his wife were laid low in their sick bed,
Don felt a pounding upside his boogery thick head;
Got the chills, got a hot fever and runny snotty cough,
Perhaps he had been ill-advised to leave his mask off?

But Don isn't one to lie quietly back and take Doctors orders,
He's not bound to remain idling behind Walter Reed's borders,
There's an election to rig run so Don busts out of quarantine!
Why, does he want to be seen in the back of a black limousine?

With all the best polls (excluding Hannity and Friends)
Signalling that after four years his GreaTness now ends,
He needs to leave us a lasting legacy, on top of his border wall
So he's commissioned a portrait so as to look down on us all.

(The forty-fifth President will join that esteemed list
Of Presidents who, once gone, won't be sorely missed,
'Twould be a marvel if Don ever joined the Fantastic Four-
Those icons standing stone-faced up on Mount Rushmore.)

He's going at warp speed ensuring his fine face won't be forgot-
In case in future he'll be known by the number on his mug shot-
An artistic genius might possibly portray Don as just badly painted
But even hallowed Mike Pence knows Don can't ever be sainted.

Come November, when Donald is resigned to his fate
He'll be immortalised in an uncommonly gaudy portrait,
He's sure going to stand out from all the other ex-Presidents,
The very picture of wilful ignorance and unmasked arrogance.


8 thoughts on “If Don can drag his bad self back to work, perhaps I should too?

  1. Don’t want to depress you, Obb, but I wouldn’t write off four more years just yet. As to anyone suggesting you take a sabbatical, I recommend that you invite them to insert their head in a dead kiwi’s anus. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Four more years would be a crime against humanity, if not Hannity; but he’s from a different planet anyway. On sabbaticals- sometimes they are a blessing in disguise, they let you see what’s important and worth talking/writing about. Thanks for the kind words, I mean that.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This is one of your best. (The “Roaming” to “intercourse” run is stellar.) Whilst I was a bit blue during your extended vacation, I must admit that your pistons are recharged and firing with delicious intensity…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, it’s good to be back. I will try to not get into the ‘gotta post, must post’ mode I somehow trapped myself in. Plus, even when a bit blue myself, I always enjoy going to the unbridled lunacy of Brians Bonnywood, it was and is a cheery visit way out to left field . Especially when the Right is making what was fringe idiocy mainstream. Time HAS to be running Right out, surely?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah…the types that get their info from Fox News and then, when Fox News take the rare step of calling him out on his lies or disagree with him simply react ” Damn liberals bought Fox News. Probably crooked Hillary!’

        Liked by 1 person

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