It’s not easy getting into a Militia mans head- and when you do it leaves you queasy.

(A few thoughts from a member of Michigans moronic Militia while waiting on a lawyer.)

Just A Zealous Guy.

We can't have mobs roaming, owning the streets
Upsetting our noble brave boys in blue-
Unless they're brave knights wearing white sheets
Gathered there to protect the Right and true.

Unlike the good ol' ones these days are passing strange,
I see the sea change, it's blowin' a gale,
Seeing foreign faces not welcome in my home on the range,
They leave me looking a whiter shade of pale.

I don't want to hear or see all the signs of the times-
But I do hate to see Democrats legally elected,
I do believe in Mr Trumps brave assertion of ballot crimes
And that our Confederate flag is horribly disrespected.

I believe nowadays we hear too much colourful chatter,
I believe some folks just best shut their mouth,
I can't help but take a dim view of Black Lives Matter,
This proud North Michigan boy sez 'Go back South.'

So, since the law abiding Michigan voters don't know no better
And our redneck misogynistic feelings she's assaulting 
We're gonna go get Governor Gretchen, leave a ransom letter;
Surely our founding fathers wouldn't call this revolting?

Strange, now I'm down in lockdown but atop the FBIs hot list
Yet I'm Right and white, so it all feels grossly unfair,
I'm feeling uneasy about getting stuck in a cell with a real terrorist,
This could be this sad-ass Aryans worst nightmare.


As a bit of silly fun there’s four song titles tossed into this. Artists are Bing Crosby (plus many others) Procol Harum, Harry Styles, Pug Jelly. If you’re bored, go figure. (Yes, Bonny Brian, a blatant musical rip-off; I feel no guilt…)

4 thoughts on “It’s not easy getting into a Militia mans head- and when you do it leaves you queasy.

  1. It’s mind boggling. Armed militia tried to take over govt. there a few months back & even mainstream ‘Leftist’ media hardly paid attention. Wouldn’t be surprised if Trump finds a way to pardon them before trial.

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  2. I spotted Bing and Procul, not so successful with Harry and Pug. And no guilt should be felt. I consider it an inspiration and not a ripping. Go on with your bad self. Cheers, Bonny.


    1. It’s strange though, that Don really does seem a little slow- slow as in not condemning all this lawlessness and domestic terrorism. Maybe I’m slow too, but is it all depending on his Antifa Far Right perspective? It’s a mystery to slow sad and sorry me…
      Song wise, Styles is ‘Sign Of The Times,’ the obscure one is ‘Ransom Letter.’ I did find it an enjoyable challenge to lob a few titles in without disrupting the narrative. (That reads sooo pretentiously, but what the Hell.)


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