The outcome of the latest ‘Presidential’ debate; ‘What we had there was a failure to communicate’

A Quiet Word, Gentlemen?

The Chumpian Don and Challenger Joe
Were set to go at one another, toe-to-toe,
Big mouthed Don took more than a little solace
Knowing the judge would be foxy Chris Wallace.

But after Don and Joe's first over-heated debate
Which, from all most could hear, wasn't so great,
Since Don, as usual only wanted to hear his side-
Even Wallace's patience was well and truly tried.

Donald tends to speak for too long and far too loud,
You know, the usual rants to his rabble aroused crowd,
Don ignored all rules of debate, every Wallace instruction,
Just kept grinding on till Chris forced a POTUS interruption.

So we were treated to the deciding round last night,
Both tetchy parties warned to keep the fight polite,
'Two minute rounds before any point was disputed-
Any button pushing trash talk and your mic's muted.'

This time points were validly scored, both blue and red-
The difference being we heard every bloody word said,
If only we'd known, to get Don to butt out or back off
Simply reach for the shut-up switch, just pull the jack off.

4 thoughts on “The outcome of the latest ‘Presidential’ debate; ‘What we had there was a failure to communicate’

  1. The one thing that gave Donnie a fright
    Dream which kept him up, sweating at night
    Was going to the poll on Election Day to see
    He was running against not Joe…
    But Savannah Guthrie!

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  2. Nicely put.
    An Answer From Don.
    One thing that makes this President pissed
    Is getting put down by a female journalist,
    Women should be in the home
    Not giving irritable bowel syndrome
    To this pain-in-the- ass old misogynist

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  3. Perhaps it’s small of me, but I was hoping that Trump would once again come across as a raving lunatic. The last thing we need right now is for him to feign any degree of competence while there are two undecided voters left in the country…

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