So long, Sean Connery; there has been no better Bond.

(Written slightly irreverently, but with love.)

James Bond- The Final Cut.

The great Sean Connery has gone to the great beyond,
Hung up his holster, laid down his gun, gone to his eternal rest,
Few dispute Sean portrayed the perfect classic Bond,
Sorry, Danny Craig, but there's no shame in being second best.

Franchise Guys.

With the on-screen arrival of Sean
A double zero hero was born,
The second Bond was David Niven
So a Royale disappointment was a given,
Next up George Lazenby gave Bond a shot,
Like Lazenby's 'career' best quickly forgot,
Then came rakish roguish Roger Moore-
Uh oh, seven bombs, each worse than the one before,
Eventually Timmy Dalton replaced ol' Rog on the bill,
Twice stepped into Bonds shoes- two, run of the mill,
Then they lined up Pierce Brosnan to don the tuxedo
Of the serial seducer with the long-lasting libido,
Three quick Bonds and Pierce was spent,
Seems in a flash he came and went,
Now Daniel Craig's just the latest stud to put it about...
It's high time Fleming's played out Bond is written out.
Undertaken, then interred.

4 thoughts on “So long, Sean Connery; there has been no better Bond.

    1. Yeah, I cycled through them as a kid until a little after Moore, then it was ‘if its on TV I’ll half look.’ Connery was the best, by far, because he was just knowing enough to let you know it was mere entertainment. Moore, too Nudge nudge wink wank knowing, Dalton, too method serious, and the rest… meh.

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