Slowly the lights go on in the dim and gloomy White House.

Something's Going Off.

When the early election votes rolled in
Vainglorious Donald could not hold off,
It was a result he alone had no doubt in
So he prematurely started to spout off.

He'd felt a winner, right from the run in,
He'd never seen his term as just a one-off
And when Don's on a roll, don't dare butt in,
Like the polls Don has no automatic shut off. 

Oh, but what a dark day Don did waken in,
In the wee wee hours Sleepy Joe had taken off,
Since those blue post-its have begun to weigh in
Don demanded those accountable take the day off.

Now Don tossed every (ill)legal appeal in-
Forget due process, Don wants this deal off,
His base vote's left a hole big enough to piss in
And suddenly he's getting a democratic kiss off.

In Arizona and Nevada, states he gets flipped in
Don is sweating, steaming and feeling ripped off,
He'd been hoping for a red-hot Southwestern love-in,
Now even Sweet  Jesus Georgia's telling him to shove off.

From right to left, the tide and vote drifts in
Till Don's glowering towering rhetoric lifts off,
Language a drunken sailor would take delight in-
Don's script writers hear a screw up, a total write off.

Donald is in the White House and he's staying in-
It looks like finding that ol' safe room's paying off-
Ain't no better hidey-hole to hold out and obstruct in
Though millions have told him it's time he fucked off.

Where’s Whacky?



6 thoughts on “Slowly the lights go on in the dim and gloomy White House.

  1. Another terrific encapsulation, with a lovely final line. But I must admit that, even though Trump is the keystone in the madness, I’m much more annoyed with all the lap-dancing sycophants who are feeding his madness in a pointless attempt to gain favor with a soon pipeless Pied Piper…

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  2. True. Trump’s toxic shtick sticks. Rudy will swear on a stack of bios that Trump has is ,and will be cheated, Pompousness will do his damdest to get Don a second term, Barr will twist himself into a pretzel to find anything out of order- except for Don’s denial of reality. And now- you must be so proud- Dan Patrick, your beloved Loot Governor, a true Texass patriot, is offering a RewarD for anyone who hands in information leading to someone getting convicted of voter fraud! Democracy at it’s fuckedupest.

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  3. Dan Patrick was the same jackass who said early in the year patriotic old people should be fine with dying of Covid to ensure the economy stays strong.
    John Lennon gave us the “bed-in” , will donald give us the “oval-in”… “I’m the beautiful president and I’m going to sit behind this great desk …nah nah nah nah!”

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  4. How to these microcephalic morons get to being in a position to influence. His level of competence must be so many levels lower than Loony Governor. I guess some things are made to just- simply- float to the surface. Of the swamp.)


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