Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper dies in custody. Will Peter be missed? Don’t hold your breath, Pete.

Say A Spittle Word?

Today we're here to see Pete Sutcliffe go west,
The charitable say 'God only takes the very best,'
So, before someone sets down this thorny wreath
Who wants to pay tribute, before Pete's laid beneath?
     Or toss a clod on the casket, as per popular request?

Let us pray in the hope Pete has a long uneasy rest
In his interminable internment as Lucifer's house guest,
There's not a welcoming devilish smile, merely clenched teeth;
Pete promised the devil his due, but Pete had nought to bequeath.
     Poor Devil, getting stuck with an ass soul he forgot he possessed.


6 thoughts on “Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper dies in custody. Will Peter be missed? Don’t hold your breath, Pete.

  1. Perhaps, in his new Lucifer Lounge, Peter will run up against the investigators who insisted on pursuing another suspect whilst already-flagged Peter continued with his dark exploits. Am I speaking out of turn, only vaguely remembering the details? Probably so. But still…

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  2. Yep, you remember correctly. The police saw what they wanna see, did what they wanted to. If it didn’t fit their belief, they left it open. For years. Apparently Sutcliffe was interviewed nine times. Inspector Plod to the fore. Sad sad sad. There is a nasty angry edge to the humour(?) Literally horrific ineptitude.

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  3. All the surviving witnesses told the police that he had a local, not a Geordie, accent. Whoever made those tapes and wrote those letters probably deserves to rot with Sutcliffe. I clearly recollect how scared everybody was up here. I don’t believe there will be any tears shed. As you rightly say, not even the devil will want him.

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  4. Loathsome creature. Lousy police work. A combination to put a shiver down all law-abiding citizens spines. (This wasn’t an easy write, for many conflicting reasons. Some days the world doesn’t seem altogether fair and balanced.)


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